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Caring For Employees and Harmonious Development

COSCO SHIPPING International adopts a people-oriented development strategy, which poses equal treatment on its staff independent of their genders, religions, races or nationalities. In its recruitment policy, it clearly states that the ability, technical skills and professional knowledge are the principles for employment. This ensures that the applicants and the employees have same opportunity and fair treatment in recruitment, appointment, promotion, appraisal and remunerations, etc.

COSCO SHIPPING International has a set of comprehensive human resources management policy set out in rules and regulations of the Company to support everything we do in regard to human resources. We have always strictly observed the relevant legislations of different regions regarding the equal employment opportunities, child labour and forced labour, to ensure the employees’ enjoyment of human rights and the effective prevention of the phenomenon of child labour or forced labour.

As of the end of December 2018, COSCO SHIPPING International had a total of 876 employees. Their percentages by age and by region are as below:

Percentage By Region

Percentage By Age

Note: Employees of the Group in Mainland China do not include the employees of jointly controlled entities and associates.

Competitive Remuneration and Benefits

We are committed to providing a fair and competitive compensation package, in the form of a basic salary, incentives bonus, mandatory provident fund, and other fringe benefits, such as healthcare benefits, education and training allowances. Apart from offering the basic fringe benefits such as paid annual leave and sick leave, annual medical insurance policy in compliance with the labour legislations of various regions, we also provide additional leave options such as paid wedding leave and paternity leave, to attract and retain quality talents.

Furnishing a Friendly Work Environment

We care about the occupational health of our employees. Our subsidiaries undertake improvement of the work environment at appropriate time according to the specialties of the workplaces. Moreover, we strictly require our staff to be well-equipped to protect themselves while working in high-risk area and stringently follow the relevant safety procedures during operation, so as to safeguard our staff’s occupational safety.

Concerning for Employees’ Balanced Lives

COSCO Shipping International is concerned with the balanced lives of employees between work and families. In addition to arranging for the annual free medical check-ups, staff and their family members are encouraged to participate in corporate activities such as various recreational and sport activities, health talks and interest classes, etc. to enhance employee’s sense of belonging to the enterprise and the work morale, as well as to enhance the quality of their family life, so as to achieve “work and life balance”.

Specifically, in 2018, we held a large-scale children drawing competition, with the engagement of employee’ families, which has gained overwhelming responses. We received a total of 136 pictures and over 2 million visits and 280,000 public votes on our official WeChat page. The drawing competition was themed with the concepts of marine conservation and ecosystem protection, on one hand to motivate the artistic creativity of the children and on the other hand to cultivate the importance of marine conservation.

Developing a Learning Enterprise

COSCO SHIPPING International has attached importance to the career development of its employees and encouraged continuing education in order to adapt to the everchanging changes in commercial society. The Group understands that employees have different learning needs, and has established the four training categories for employees of different qualifications, duties and positions. Firstly, the Group’s subsidiaries provide orientation training for the newly recruited employees covering human resources management policy, financial management policy, development strategic plans, logistics management rules, occupational health training, safety management training and special operation training. Secondly, according to the business development of the Company, the human resources department regularly discusses the Company’s training needs with various departments to select key training topics, and invites relevant experts or professionals to give large-scale special training. Thirdly, the Company’s human resources department is responsible for arranging employees to participate in training organized by the Group or other groups. Fourthly, employees can also take their own initiatives to participate in training programs organized by Hong Kong/overseas professional learning institutions, such as short courses, lectures, seminars or conferences, certificates, diplomas and other degree courses, and the Company will encourage and provide supports and subsidies for such programmes.

In 2018, the total number of training hours received by all employees was 13,911 hours.

Cultivating a Culture of Integrity

We consider the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness as the key elements of sustainable development of an enterprise. COSCO SHIPPING International formulated the Staff Code of Conduct in 2007, which serves as a clear and complete guideline to monitor the code of conduct of the employees of the Company and its subsidiaries during daily operations.

Besides, COSCO SHIPPING International promotes corruption-free business and has from time to time arranged different levels of staff, ranging from top management to front-line staff, to participate in a series of business ethics seminars conducted by the Company and/or COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong).

In 2018, there was no legal case regarding corrupt practices brought against COSCO SHIPPING International or our employees.