12选5秘诀 Sustainability Community Involvement

5分赛车规则:Community Involvement

In the pursuit of “Take from society, give back to society” philosophy, COSCO SHIPPING International fulfills corporate social responsibility at our best effort. We have formulated Charitable Donation Policy, established a volunteer team and offered volunteer holiday to encourage employees to actively participate in social welfare activities, showcased our care to the society with actions and contributed the development of a better and more harmonious community.

Charitable Donation Policy

COSCO SHIPPING International has kicked off its work on performing corporate social responsibilities since 2008 and formulated its charitable donation policy in 2014 to reinforce our commitment to building

partnerships with the community groups where the Company and its subsidiaries operate. The donation policy provides a guideline for the Group to make reasonable allocation of its capital in NGOs and other charitable bodies, and specifies the charitable methods. According to the policy, the annual charitable donation budget covers the direct donations and indirect expenses to all charitable events and related community services for the year.

Our charitable donations are mainly focused on diversified projects for charitable sponsorships, education, environmental care and helping for the underprivileged

Breakdown of Allocation of Charitable Donations from 2008 to 2017

Promoting a Volunteering Culture

With the team slogan of “Our Passion to Serve”, COSCO SHIPPING International has been participating community volunteer services since 2011. The Group offers volunteer holiday to encourage and praise the staff with a passion for serving the society. The staffs in Hong Kong who has participated in volunteer services organized or referred by the Company for over 2 hours but less than 4 hours are entitled to a half-day paid leave and for those above 4 hours in one day are entitled to one-day paid leave, respectively, demonstrating that the Company strives to promote volunteer culture enterprise-wide.


Continuous Support to Education in Mountainous Areas in China Mainland

Since 2008, COSCO SHIPPING International has sponsored the charity marathon, organized by Sowers Action, a nonprofit making charitable organization, for 11 consecutive years, providing subsidies to employees as encouragement to participate in the charity walk. In the past 11 years, the Company has been persistently sponsoring the fund-raising activity of Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours and in total sponsored 419 employees in fund-raising events, also, provided direct subsidies to students in mountainous areas from Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu etc..

Environmental Care

Supporting Marine Conservation

Since joining WWF-Hong Kong in 2011, COSCO SHIPPING International has been funding the organization’s environmental conservation work in Hong Kong. Following COSCO SHIPPING’s commitment on marine conservation of banning the transport of shark fin on its vessels, COSCO SHIPPING International has shown support for WWF-Hong Kong’s initiative of “Say No to Shark Fin” by ceasing the consumption of shark fins and known endangered marine species in the menu of large-scale dinners, and has strictly adhered to “Prohibition of Transportation of Shark Fin Policy”, so as to show the determination of the Company to boycott the trade of endangered species and protected marine lives.

Caring for the Underprivileged

Showing Concern to the Elderly Living Alone

With the increased aging population in Hong Kong, the number of the elderly living alone has increased rapidly. These elderly made lots of contribution to the community in their youth, but they need care from the community when they are old and helpless. Every year, COSCO SHIPPING International collaborates with a non-profit organisation, Sham Shui Po District Elderly Community Centre of Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council by sponsoring the gift bags and sending our volunteer team to pay visit to the elderly living alone, ask about their recent conditions and revert their needs to the social workers for follow up during the festive seasons and the winter.

Giving Assistance to Low Income Families

To provide more opportunity for the underprivileged including the new arrivals and low income families to adapt to the society, COSCO SHIPPING International co-operates with Christian Action to organise various types of activities such as “Green Fun Day”, “Ngong Ping Cultural Educational Tour”, accompanied by the volunteers. The activities helped the children to learn about their community, the traditional culture and importance of protecting the environment.

COSCO SHIPPING International was awarded certificates of commendation by social philanthropic organisations and numerous important honours related to corporate social responsibility, in recognition of our active participation in the community and efforts in volunteer service.