12选5秘诀 Investors IR Strategy

宁夏11选5专家:IR Strategy

COSCO SHIPPING International strongly believes that good investor relations is essential to the creation and enhancement of the shareholders’ values. Subject to legal requirements, COSCO SHIPPING International fully safeguards the investors’ and shareholders’ right to be informed, as well as takes initiative to communicate with them in a fair and equal manner through open, fair and just channels, aiming at increasing their understanding and recognition of the Company. Through communications, the Company may also understand the expectations and opinions of our shareholders and investors, thereby enhancing its corporate governance and transparency, and thus enhancing the Company’s investment value.

Our IR strategy is:

In order to effectively implement investor relations management, COSCO SHIPPING International formulated the Regulations for Investor Relations Management and the Information Management Policy to provide a clear guidance for the investor relations personnel to conduct investor presentations, categorise the various types of information and regulate the disclosure procedures in order to ensure that all of the shareholders, investors and the media can obtain the information of the Company on a fair and open basis.

Two-way Communications

Good investor relations management is an important element of corporate strategic management. The investor relation personnel of the Company are responsible for setting up a bridge for sharing discloseable information between the Company and the shareholders and the investors. Through this bridge, the Company can promptly disclose accurate and complete information to the shareholders, investors, analysts and fund managers, enabling them to assess the investment value of the Company effectively. Our channels to disseminate latest information to the shareholders and investors include but not limited to:

  • Announcements and circulars;
  • Annual and interim reports;
  • Shareholders’ meetings;
  • Analysts meetings;
  • Roadshows;
  • Investors presentations;
  • Company Visits;
  • Media interviews;
  • Road shows;
  • Site visits;
  • Company’s website;
  • Corporate brochure;
  • By phone or emails.

The Company can also extensively collect market feedback and recommendations on the development and capital operation of the Company from its shareholders and investors through various IR activities. The information collected will be reverted to the Board and the senior management as valuable reference information when formulating decisions, thereby enhancing its corporate governance and transparency in order to provide a boost to the Company’s sustainable development.